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全频音箱VEGAS 15


Vegas 二分频全频音箱有10寸,12寸和15寸低频驱动器,所有这三种型号都配有1.75寸压缩驱动器,安装在可旋转的号角组件上。这与多面箱体设计相结合,可以在需要时将它们用作地面监听系统。好莱坞明星御用音箱。



  • 自然、无声染色的音频性能
  • 可预测的和精确的高频指向性控制
  • 相对于箱体的尺寸和重量来说,具有很高的声压级能力
  • 二分频(标称8 Ohms),内置无源分频
  • 顶级组件的分音器
  • 可旋转的波导(90°x 60°) -  Vegas 10,12和15
  • 多排列号角组件和音箱设计可作为舞台监听系统使用
  • 三种全频型号不同尺寸的选择,提供了设计灵活性
  • 现代和原始的Outline (欧浪) 设计
  • 内部箱体支架保证最大限度的刚性,并防止内部共振引起的声染色
  • 标配多个M8和M6吊挂点
  • RAL颜色重新涂装供选择
  • 全面的安装硬件可供选择,以适合用于所有的应用
  • 在意大利设计、采购和生产制造
  • 与Outline (欧浪) OpenArray 3D声学仿真软件兼容
  • Natural, uncoloured audio performance
  • Predictable and accurate HF directivity control
  • High SPL capability relative to the size and weight of the cabinet
  • Two-way format (8 Ohms nominal) with built-in passive crossover
  • Internal crossover network featuring top grade components
  • Rotatable waveguide (90° x 60°)
  • Multi alignment horn assembly and cabinet design allowing use as stage monitors
  • Choice of three full-range models in varying sizes providing design flexibility
  • Contemporary and original Outline design
  • Internal cabinet bracing to ensure maximum rigidity and prevent coloration due to internal resonance
  • Fitted with multiple M8 and M6 rigging points as standard
  • Custom RAL colour repainting options
  • Comprehensive choice of mounting hardware available to suit all applications
  • Conceived, designed and manufactured exclusively in Italy
  • Compatible with Outline OpenArray 3D acoustic simulation software

描述 Description

      Vegas 二分频全频音箱有10寸,12寸和15寸低频驱动器,所有这三种型号都配有1.75寸压缩驱动器,安装在可旋转的号角组件上。这与多面箱体设计相结合,可以在需要时将它们用作地面监听系统。它还可使用M8和M6吊挂点水平或垂直悬挂,同时保持所需的高频扩散。这些单元都配有无源分音器,并使用顶级元件制造(电阻非常低的线圈和金属化聚丙烯电容器)。所有三种型号的压缩驱动器和波导都是相同的。可旋转的90°x 60°波导为在小空间或低净空的地方安装提供了很大的优势。无论音箱安装在什么位置(水平或垂直),波导都可以以90°旋转,以确保实现所需的覆盖范围。宽的口部确保卓越的指向性控制。箱体的形状使它们也可以用作舞台监听系统。Outline (欧浪) 在模具领域采用的技术能够制造出刚性、失真更低、重量更轻的号角。为了进一步延伸低音,从而获得更大的信号动态,还有一系列高性能低音音箱可供选择。

      The Vegas full-range two-way enclosures are available with a choice of 10”, 12” and 15” low frequency drivers, and all the three models are fitted with a 1.75” compression driver, mounted on a rotatable horn assembly. This, in conjunction with the multi-faceted cabinet design, allows them to be used as floor monitors if required. It also allows for them to be suspended either horizontally or vertically using the integral M8 and M6 rigging points, whilst maintaining the required HF dispersion.The units are fitted with passive crossovers, and manufactured with top grade components (coils with very low resistance and metallized polypropylene capacitors). The compression driver and waveguide are the same on all three models. The rotatable 90° x 60° waveguide offers a great advantage for installation in small rooms, or those with low headroom. This is because the waveguide can be rotated through 90° to ensure required dispersion is achieved regardless of the orientation the cabinet is installed in. The mouth’s ample dimensions ensure remarkable directivity control. The shape of the cabinets enable them to be also used as stage monitors.The technology adopted by Outline in the moulding sector has enabled the company to manufacture horns that are rigid and lighter, with obvious benefits in terms of distortion and lower weight. For further extension of the bottom end, and therefore greater dynamics, a line of high performance subwoofers is also available.

技术规范 Technical specifications