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全频音箱VEGAS 6.5 满足较小空间声压标准


Vegas 6.5是一款超紧凑型扬声器,专为移动和固定安装应用而设计,尤其是需要在小空间的环境中提供高连续声压级的场合。箱体设计包括整体式安装硬件,与各种可单独使用的安装支架兼容。



  • 超紧凑型扬声器设计用于移动和固定安装应用
  • 高效的6.5寸低音换能器和1寸号角负载的压缩驱动器
  • 高声压级(在1米距离上为122 dB短时峰值的声压级)
  • 高清晰度的语言声音“传送”,精确重放
  • 带NL4和大电流4芯Phoenix的多连接器设计
  • 通过NL4允许多个设备并行连接
  • 大电流Phoenix连接器,便于安装
  • 高品质的无源分音器以及大型电感器和电容器
  • 基于iMode技术,通过Outline (欧浪) 的iP24 数字处理器进行控制

  • 在意大利设计、采购和生产制造

  • 与Outline (欧浪) Openarray 3D声学仿真软件兼容

  • 垂直和水平安装硬件供选择

  •  RAL颜色重新涂装供选择

  • 黑色纹理型聚脲防刮喷涂

  • 用于安装支架的插座,M8和M6悬吊

  • 功能强大、结构紧凑、重量轻(7.5 kg/16 lb)

  • Super-Compact loudspeaker designed for mobile and fixed installation applications

  • High-efficiency 6.5” LF transducer and a 1” horn loaded compression driver
  • High SPL (122 dB SPL short-term peak @ 1 m)
  • High spoken word “projection” for precise reproduction with high intelligibility
  • Exceptional power capability in a compact and lightweight package (7.5 kg / 16 lb)
  • Multi-connector design with NL4 and high current 4-Pole Phoenix
  • Pass-through NL4 allows parallel connectivity between multiple devices
  • High current Phoenix connector for ease of installation
  • High quality passive network with large inductors and capacitors
  • Controllable via Outline’s iP24 DSP device, based on iMode technology
  • Receptacle for fitting support stand, M8 and M6 threaded mounting points
  • Black textured polyurea scratch free finish
  • Custom RAL colour repainting options
  • Vertical and horizontal mounting hardware options
  • Compatible with Outline OpenArray 3D acoustic simulation software
  • Designed, sourced and manufactured exclusively in Italy


      Vegas 6.5是一款超紧凑型扬声器,专为移动和固定安装应用而设计,尤其是需要在小空间的环境中提供高连续声压级的场合。箱体设计包括整体式安装硬件,与各种可单独使用的安装支架兼容。其提供了大量的安装选择。Vegas 6.5的小巧箱体掩盖了它的威力。 高效率的6.5寸低频换能器和1寸号角负载的压缩驱动器产生最大输出功率为122 dB 声压级,其性能可轻松超过大多数装有8寸低频驱动器的类似元件。这款Vegas具有非凡的额定输入功率,意味着它可以轻松可靠地重放一系列具有极低失真和功率压缩的节目内容。它特别适合用于语音重放,因为它的功率和传送提供了领先的可懂度,特别是在近 / 中场。Vegas 6.5提供了一个很合算的安装365bet官网,可以非常有效地利用放大的通道。 它也有多种颜色可供选择,这意味着安装人员可以根据装饰风格来搭配其扬声器。箱体表面采用高科技黑色纹理型聚脲防刮喷涂处理,形成弹塑性保护层,与胶合板结构相互作用,进一步提高了箱体的坚固性和减震能力。

      Vegas 6.5 is a super-compact loudspeaker designed for mobile and fixed installation applications, especially where high continuous SPLs need to be delivered in an environment where space is at a premium.The enclosure design includes integral mounting hardware, compatible with various separately available mounting brackets. These provide a huge range of installation options for the unit. Vegas 6.5’s physically small enclosure belies its power. A high-efficiency 6.5” LF transducer and a 1” horn-loaded compression driver produce a maximum output of 122 dB SPL, and the unit will comfortably exceed the performance of most comparable devices loaded with 8” LF drivers. The extraordinary power handling capability of this Vegas fixture means that it can comfortably and reliably reproduce a range of program material with very low distortion and power compression. It is particularly well suited to spoken-word reproduction, as its power and projection deliver class-leading intelligibility, especially in the near/ mid-field.

Vegas 6.5 delivers a very cost-effective installation solution, making very efficient use of amplified channels. Custom RAL color repainting options are available for installations with specific cosmetic requirements. The cabinet is coated with a high-tech black textured polyurea scratch-free finish, which forms an elastoplastic protection that interacts with the plywood structure to further increase the cabinet’s sturdiness and vibration absorption capacity.

技术规范 Technical specifications